Electro Massage (Jade Therapy)

Jade Therapy, or electro massage, is our electrically assisted massage. . . a truly unique combination of relaxation therapy and esthetics (by your 'therapeutician') that delivers multi-layered benefits.  It is a physiotherapeutic 'touchless' (only gentle instruments) massage.

Via the medium of micro-current (color-sound-gem) electricity:

  1. Restoring vitality by removing physical impediments (crystals in muscles) to the free flow of vital energy.
  2. Revitalizing the body by the infusion of fresh energy back into the organism with the use of high frequency therapy.

Regain and Maintain Optimal Health & Wellness!. . . gentle, painless, easy.

Benefits of Jade Electromicromassage:

  • Relieve Stress
  • Body Toning / Movement of Fat
  • Esthetics/Facial - Take off 5 years in 20 minutes! (wrinkles)
  • Energy Building - 'recharge the (cell) batteries'
  • Improve Circulation (blood & lymph)
  • Scar Reduction
  • Improve Energy Flow / Centering

It's "cellular massage!"

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