Nerve Damage Detection

More than 20 million Americans and over half of those who have diabetes are estimated to suffer from neuropathy. The condition can affect the nerves that control muscles or detect sensations or those that affect internal organs. The individual types of pain associated with neuropathy each has its own cause and treatment, which is largely dependent on the nerves involved.

Neuropathy Services

The resulting nerve damage can create tingling or burning sensations or lead to more serious complications, depending on the type of neuropathy. When nerves are damaged by chemicals, inflammation, trauma, surgery, compression, tumors, infection, or other factors, a host of symptoms can arise.

Thermography to Help Detect Nerve Damage

The professionals at WMI Thermography can use infrared thermography to perform a full body scan and analyze areas of concern, including the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. This safe, gentle, and non-invasive screening method provides an alternative way to locate potential problems and monitor improvement.