About Mark Randall, DMM, N.D., D.PSc (pastoral Lic.)

Mark Randall, DMM, N.D., D.PSc (License: 'Doctor of Pastoral Science & Medicine') graduated in 1997 with a B.A. in Bible. He later became a 4th degree black belt, owning/operating his own Taekwondo school as a part-time passion for five years. Later, through Zoe Institute for Health & Wellness (Houston), he became a certified wellness facilitator (natural health coach) and also a certified Christian counselor through Messiah Method Ministries due to the importance of the spiritual/emotional aspect to health. Still holding a love for the martial arts, he currently practices the Israeli self defense system of Krav Maga.

He is father of five children. After giving up on their "doctor trail" (which did not result in health OR wellness), he and former wife began researching for solutions to their own personal health issues. While working in functional wellness, Mark completed degrees in natural health, graduating in February 2011 with the Doctorate of Naturopathy (N.D.), in October 2013 with the Pastor of Natural Medicine (P.N.M), and then in June 2017 with the Doctor of Natural Medicine (D.N.M.).

As a Modern Pastoral Medicine Pastor, Mark joined the PMA (Pastoral Medical Association) in 2011, and is now licensed by the PMA as a 'Doctor of Pastoral Science' (PSc.D). As the PMA has stated:

"We do not support monopoly in health care, or in other words, we do not support secular efforts to displace access to God's health care system."

Vocationally/Ministerially, Mark is a member of the Sacred Medical Order of the Church of Hope (SMOCH), formally/historically known as SMOKH (the Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller)---ordained in the health ministry of SMOCH.

Mark has helped people "electrically"---through the functional methods of EEG (brainwave) Biofeedback and color/gem/sound Microcurrent (cellular massage). Now Mark helps people primarily through the adjustment of Wellness Philosophy & Mindset, Nutrition, supporting the body's natural function via FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent), and educating the client in naturopathy for self-care to support the body's innate God-given abilities.